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The carving on the fore pillar and harmonic curve is a variation on the theme of ” two birds mixing it ” as the Celtic bird on the old two pence piece is chewing it’s own leg.The marquetry is a floral design , rosewood and sycamore veneers .

Standard Model € 5050.00

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This harp has a totally different construction process, and the shape of the sound box produces a more voluminous sound and tone .The sides and the back panels are all solid wood .The soundboard sits in a groove all the way round . This is a tricky and exact process requiring great attention to detail before glueing takes place.The harp feels the same at the shoulder as it is semi circular like any other harp with a molded back.

This is in fact the very same construction method as when I started nearly 40 years ago. At the time I thought all harps were made this way ! it’s only later I discovered 6 mm plywood was the norm. No wonder it took me longer to make the harp. It was well worth it for the sound though .The reason this model is more  costly than the “New Antwerp” is purely because of the extra time spent in the making the soundbox this way. Additional carving and inlay work are  optional extras.These can be your own suggestions and ideas as shown in the pictures . Designs can be done and emailed for approval before execution on the harp.


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Above a few images of a harp , with the carving design  copied of a rare all Ireland medal from County Wexford, inserted in the harmonic curve ( cherry wood) top and bottom scroll also  added on request .

A few pics of a new harp with floral carving and marquetry , cherry wood before varnishing ebony trimmings on the bridge strip and ebony disc inserts in the bridge strip ( for clear sound )

the harp below is Irish sycamore

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A proposed design for carving on the side of a new harp.The shaded parts will be recessed and the clear parts will be left in relief .


Please visit and enjoy ALL  the pages on this website ( in the left hand margin of the opening page) and see the variety of items on offer. ALL are made by me and I’m not acting as an agent or a  shop for goods made somewhere else by other suppliers. All model names are registered and listed under my name .Be wary of so called good offers of Irish harps on certain websites as many of these instruments are not suitable for playing .If in doubt call me and I will advise you free of charge on the value of these instruments .


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