prices for new classical guitar starts at € 2760.00

Unfortunately, due to an increase in the cost of materials, I have to pass this on to my prices for the first time in four years. I held off as long as possible but the time has come to be realistic about next year and beyond . Current orders extend to November 2024. The time dedicated to each instrument and the quality of the hardware can’t be compromised to get first-class results at a lower price. Thank you for inquiring about my work.

please note the information at the lower end of the page is incorrect and should be ignored re the price etc. I can’t get at that section when editing somehow!

 phone  00353 86 8857558

 email ;

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some parts , such as rosettes and ebony fingerboards are bought ready made.They are made with absolute accuracy using computer technology.No contest!The sycamore is native sycamore from County Offaly.


P1040071P1040072P1040070P1040075P1040078P1040091P1040095P1040184P1040178P1040431 P1040433 P1040434 P1040435 P1040436 classical guitar made with Irish sycamore and sitka spruce top


img_1788 img_1789 img_1790 img_1791 img_1792 img_1793 img_1794

call me direct on(00353)0- 86 8857558 or email to place your order.

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img_1794 img_1793 img_1792 img_1791 img_1790 img_1789 img_1788

sold !

this mandola with a small flaw in the spruce top for sale at a reduced price of € 865.00 . Back and sides native fiddle back sycamore , sound board sitka spruce .cost new € 1650.00

IMG_5013 IMG_5011 IMG_5010

I also repair  guitars and other stringed instruments bought from other sources and do re/fretting + neck adjustments on acoustic and electric guitars


Flamenco Guitar

time to practice!On a recent visit to the workshop after a great concert the previous night in Navan mr eduardo niebla virtuoso flamenco/jazz guitarist gave a generous approval of my guitars and some very valuable tips on some finer points for future developments many thanks !! check my links page for