this cherry version is about 10 years old and has got richer brown colour of the ageing process

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 22 String Model – Prices From 1320.00 Euro

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Even if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for , or have your own design in mind, I can do the drawings and put your idea and sketches on paper. After that, I can make the harp you were thinking about.

The 22 String Harp, from 4th octave C to 1st octave C has levers (Loveland) on C and F only, unless otherwise requested( extra cost is € 14.50 per lever fitted ) wood is  Sycamore , walnut  or cherry , nylon strings (savarez) .
This harp also suits as a travel companion, practice or session harp for all players. Great volume.

just added a few more pictures to show there are no magic tricks, only hand tools and elbow-grease  to do the job right ! This harp is sycamore and going to Italy.The darker one is walnut(USA) a bit of carving to be done , finishing with the star-punch. Slow job , but looks great when done . All finished ! this harp has levers on all strings as requested by the client, looks nice with the full range.

the latest four pictures ( with red background) are of a sycamore 22 string