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 22 String Model – Prices From 1485.00 Euro

Unfortunately, due to an increase in the cost of materials, I have to pass this on to my prices for the first time in four years. I held off as long as possible but the time has come to be realistic about next year and beyond . Current orders extend to November 2024. The time dedicated to each instrument and the quality of the hardware can’t be compromised to get first-class results at a lower price. Thank you for inquiring about my work.

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The 22 String Harp, from 4th octave C to 1st octave C has levers (Loveland) on C and F only, unless otherwise requested ( extra cost is € 14.50 per lever fitted ) wood is  Sycamore , walnut  or cherry , nylon strings (Savarez) or carbon strings (Savarez ) .
This harp suits as a travel companion, practice or session harp for all players. Surprisingly great volume.