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 the marquetry for the front of the fore pillar in sycamore and rosewood veneers , based on a wedding dress pattern supplied by the client

how the scroll is carved on the fore pillar

IMG_1179 IMG_1180 IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1177IMAG2051this is the finished harp with 35 strings at it’s home in the UK

some detail pictures of the shoulder and soundbox signature features  which are unique to my harps

the newest professional model harp finished , native sycamore wood.

img_1782 img_1783 img_1785 img_1786 img_1755 img_1754

Santos rosewood in sycamore inlay work.The carving is based on an orchid .The laminated shoulder is done with walnut and the boxwood bridge strip is edged with hand cut recycled rosewood veneer taken  from an old piano. Also featured a new floral design for the next harp in cherry wood.Based on a bell flower.

Beautiful Irish  sycamore from county Offaly.Note the fiddle back grain .The lamination at the shoulder is walnut and lime .The groove at the upper edge continues around the curved contour of the laminated parts, melting away when it reaches the sound box. 

the upper and lower end of the soundbox is set off with a contrasting veneer.It accentuates the shape and gives a nice outline.

As on all my harps the string starts on the soundboard through a rosewood or ebony “washer” which I make myself.The grain in the washer runs across the bridge strip so the string won’t cut into the wood and muffle the sound.This part is mostly done on other harps with metal or plastic washers that can affect the sound badly.

IMG_1526 IMG_1524 IMG_1523 IMG_1522 IMG_1520 IMG_1519 IMG_1517 IMG_1516 IMG_1514


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the carving done to the proposed design

the carving done to the proposed design

a sample of the marquetry as can be done on any harp (this one on a 22 string walnut model for Australia with back of santos rosewood veneer and maple) also the continuity of the bridge strip wood into the shoulder lamination and some carving as a special request to the design of the client

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Please visit and enjoy ALL  the pages on this website ( in the left hand margin of the opening page) and see the variety of items on offer. ALL are made by me and I’m not acting as an agent or a  shop for goods made somewhere else by other suppliers. All model names are registered and listed under my name .Be wary of so called good offers of Irish harps on certain websites as many of these instruments are not suitable for playing .If in doubt call me and I will advise you free of charge on the value of these instruments .

The Professional model in profile shows the inlay work and the strong line of the fore pillar and harmonic curve. The tension on this model is higher than the ” standard ” and ” New Antwerp ” model. A version is possible with standard harp curve and keeping the beauty combined with lowered tension.

Price includes inlay, carbon strings and key. Painting and Carving are optional Extras

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