32 counties model still only  € 2350.00 till end

                                    June     2023 .

This name is copy righted and exclusive to ” www.irishharps.net” and “www.irishharps.ie ”

 email irishharps.jan@gmail.com

phone 00353/0/868857558

the “32 counties ” model is a new addition to my range of harps.With thirty three strings starting at the low C (5th octave) but finishing at the in alto G instead of the A , it still has the range to do all grades for harp studies.This name is copy righted and exclusive to ” www.irishharps.net”

Available in the usual woods or stained dark on request to your liking .

As on all my harps the string starts on the soundboard through a rosewood or ebony “washer” which I make myself.The grain in the washer runs across the bridge strip so the string won’t cut into the wood and muffle the sound.This part is mostly done on other harps with metal or plastic washers that can affect the sound badly.

To all harpists out there ; please note that the harp should be tuned to 440 Hz and not higher or lower. By tuning above this setting you can do serious damage to the frame and soundboard , also strings will break often as the tension increases exponentially .By tuning lower the sound will not get to it’s full potential.




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