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at last,the new ship is for sale . I can only have so many boats about the house in case of a big flood , so I decided to sell the new naibhog . Asking price is€ 1800.00 (non negotiable)  I will deliver the ship to your place of choice within reason.The purchase will be official and a receipt will be given . Start the offers coming ! You can always offer more of course !

Available now a CD with all the info and details on how to make a 25ft curragh called “queen Maeve”with over 160 pictures and text . € 26.00

see more pictures down the page and on facebook about this project

20170916_164205 IMG_2996 IMG_2981 IMG_2982

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   P1040032 P1040079 P1040085 P1040181 P1040182  P1040287 P1040354 this series of pics  is of a 19ft x 6ft larch boat ( a layer of canvas and tar on the lower belly). It has been adapted for sailing since . I named her “Teelin Lady” after my favourite spot in Donegal, Teelin Bay.I have since replaced the canvas with glass fibre .


these pics of the construction of two 16 ft boats

setting up the frame

setting up the frame

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The preceding pictures illustrate the building of two 16 ft boats with 4th year students from a local secondary school .



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I’m always open to a request to make a boat with a group or individuals . It brings variety to the working day.If you’re involved with sea scouts and would like me to show your members how to build their own boats give me a call. We can work out a shape and size to suit the requirements .

see below  an 18 ft version of the same design.Native larch 14 mm thick .Can seat four adults and moves very nice with 4 HP engine. Buoyancy permanently installed.

for sale € 950.00 delivered (trailer NOT included )

P1020081 P1020076 P1020074 P1020069



IMG_1336 IMG_1350 IMG_1345 IMG_1455 IMG_1465 IMG_1466 IMG_1467  IMG_1531 IMG_1532 IMG_1533 IMG_1534 IMG_1535 IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1550 IMG_155120170916_16351420170916_164205IMG_2996IMG_2981

finally on the water, saturday 17th september 2017 at the “LAKESIDE MANOR HOTEL” Co Cavan.Blessed by Sister Maeve from Grannard Co Longford .the ship was named “THE QUEEN MAEVE

IMG_2991 IMG_2987 IMG_2939 IMG_2942