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This is an eight string electric guitar.

I made this for a friend who teaches guitar .I always thought six strings was enough!Body is solid bird eye maple , neck Irish sycamore fingerboard ebony.

prices for items like these need to be discussed with the client as they can vary greatly.

A blue standard electric, body Irish sycamore (Fender model), neck pre-fabricated , all electrics imported .This guitar was made, under my guidance and with some of my sycamore, by a 17 year old student for leaving cert woodwork exame at St Patricks Classical school in Navan. I also did the lacquer finish.I was really surprised to see how well the guy did the job.It plays very well too!

I have some fabulous sycamore for guitar bodies . great resonance and takes a beautiful finish. give me your idea for the body shape and we’ll work out the rest.