prices for new classical guitar starts at € 2450.00

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P1040071P1040072P1040070P1040075P1040078P1040091P1040095P1040184P1040178P1040431 P1040433 P1040434 P1040435 P1040436 classical guitar made with Irish sycamore and sitka spruce top

the guitar below was made for an exhibit in Belgium in 2010 .I just refreshed the soundboard as the lacquer was too heavy and dampened the sound .This instrument is now available at reduced price of € 1150.00.Native sycamore, Canadian red cedar wood top , sound hole rosette from Maderas Barber Spain.Top quality Gotoh tuners.


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call me direct on(00353)0- 86 8857558 or email to place your order.

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Please visit and enjoy ALL  the pages on this website ( in the left hand margin of the opening page) and see the variety of items on offer. ALL are made by me and I’m not acting as an agent or a  shop for goods made somewhere else by other suppliers. All model names are registered and listed under my name .Be wary of so called good offers of Irish harps on certain websites as many of these instruments are not suitable for playing .If in doubt call me and I will advise you free of charge on the value of these instruments .

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this classical guitar available as old stock , reduced sale price € 720 .00         neck,back and sides native sycamore,soundboard spruce , borders sycamore and ebony , fingerboard ebony,truss/rod installed

very responsive and big volume

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this mandola with a small flaw in the spruce top for sale at a reduced price of € 865.00 . Back and sides native fiddle back sycamore , sound board sitka spruce .cost new € 1650.00

IMG_5013 IMG_5011 IMG_5010

I also repair  guitars and other stringed instruments and do re/fretting + neck adjustments .

call me direct on(00353)0- 86 8857558 or email to place your order.

Classical Guitar – Prices From 1750.00 Euro


Classical guitars  Torres model. Top quality Canadian red cedar wood , European or Canadian  Sitka spruce soundboard .

Back and sides can be wood of choice ( except solid rose wood due to environmental considerations) including Irish sycamore (limited supply)

top grade tone woods from Maderas Barber Spain or tone woods from Dictum Germany.

Handmade Guitars / Classical / Acoustic to own design / Flamenco

Flamenco Guitar

time to practice!On a recent visit to the workshop after a great concert the previous night in Navan mr eduardo niebla virtuoso flamenco/jazz guitarist gave a generous approval of my guitars and some very valuable tips on some finer points for future developments many thanks !! check my links page for