Mandolins – Prices From 1630.00 Euro for basic model

Unfortunately, due to an increase in the cost of materials, I have to pass this on to my prices for the first time in four years. I held off as long as possible but the time has come to be realistic about next year and beyond . Current orders extend to November 2024. The time dedicated to each instrument and the quality of the hardware can’t be compromised to get first-class results at a lower price. Thank you for inquiring about my work.


mandola in Irish sycamore with spruce top (Maderas Barber Spain) and ebony finger board (USA)

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Mandolins – Prices From 1450.00 Euro for basic model

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this mandola was made in the early eighties .Solid top and back carved as with a violin . Top is spruce , back and sides maple , rosette ash

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All my mandolins have the classical and original 333 mm string length ( as on the violin ) of the Italian masters. Not the more modern bluegrass  version as used in the USA and by Eastern manufacturers. I also make the fingerboard 1/4 wider than the modern editions , unless otherwise requested by the buyer. Believe it or not, it makes for easier playing!

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 the above “once off “mandolin made with ebony back and sides , sycamore + cherry neck , rosewood fingerboard.

P1040428 P1040429 P1040430Have a look at this fabulous wood! 50 years resting on top of the ground but under leaf cover to season slowly in the log.Irish yew over 250 years old.Cut to book match back , sides and necks for mandolin , busuki , tenor guitar and mandola. limited stock as you can imagine. This would be an exceptional instrument as this type of wood is very rare and can usually only be got in veneer format.

The size of the instrument belies the fact that 80  hours of work are involved to finish it . Any other woods can be used at the request of the costumer. I also do a larger version with a 450 mm string length, sometimes called a mandola or mando- cello.( see the page “busuky “) The normal four course stringing can be increased to five or six pairs.