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Other Models

note, no prices are quoted on this page as all the harps are individually designed and are usually once/off orders .    such as below ,

A  35 string harp for Spain , special request ,complete with dragon ! Irish Sycamore .Note the variation in the colour due to minerals in the wood.This often happens in sycamore and some other species. It adds to the surprise !

P1040107 P1040108P1040123

IMG_0376 IMG_0377 IMG_0378

this lovely harp was made by my friend Larry Egar in Cork . The owners contacted me with a view to a complete overhaul . I added ebony discs on the sound board bridge strip and repaired the crack in the harmonic curve at the shoulder.Out of respect I also finished in the same fashion with french polish as the original. New levers by ” Loveland “replace the old brass ones and a full set of carbon strings replace the old nylon . Sounds really nice now and it’s like Irish harps should be, light to carry , simple design with gentle action and sweet sound.

img_1742 img_1740 img_1747