Jan Muyllaert


mobile 00353(0) 86 8857558
Email: irishharpsnet@eircom.net

also member of  www.boynevalleydrive.ie or www.discoverboynevalley.ie.

Payment Policy 
50% deposit is required to confirm an order and payment method will be arranged when the order is placed , this can be done online now. Final payment must be paid before the instrument can be shipped or collected.

any shipping costs have to be paid for by the client up front if the item is collected and handled by a courier and not the client in person. It is often less expensive to travel over and collect the instrument in person.It can be booked in as “over sized luggage ” and go at a fraction of courier costs , even including your own air fare .

waiting list applies and currently is untill end July 2015

Please visit and enjoy ALL  the pages on this website ( in the left hand margin of the opening page) and see the variety of items on offer. ALL are made by me and I’m not acting as an agent or shop for goods made somewhere else by other craftsmen.

As you’ll see I have a wide range of interests , all of the creative kind!

I gladly do short courses in boat building for interested groups.

Do you by any chance own or know of one of my harps I would have made years ago? If so , with some refurbishing and new hardware ( such as levers and carbon strings ) they can once again become alive I’m sure if you’ve got a car 30 years old , you’d agree it would need new tyres  and an oil change ,  so why not bring  an instrument that once sounded well back to life!!give me a call or send an email to discuss and give an estimate

I only repair Irish harps made by me or other Irish makers no longer operating or deceased